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Brotha Collective [brəðə kəlɛktɪv]:

(orig. collectivum fraternae) ideological attitude and cultural movement of the final period of existence of Homo Sapiens. In the mass culture often confused with the popular at that time clothing company. It was based on the idea of unity and brotherhood of mankind, urging handshakes, nice dressing, baking....cakes, smiling and team excessive alcohol consumption. In its doctrine it referred to libertinism, humanism and buzzerism. In the last years of the planet Earth existance (circa.2013) representatives and confessors of fraternal collectivism gained strong political and religious influence. They led to the overthrow of the communist regime in North Korea, repaid financial debt of the European Union, China and Russia and also contributed to the establishment of the African Union. The most prominent supporters of the movement were e.g. Rasputin, Fidel Castro, Frank Sinatra, Kim Jong Il (posthumously), and the Dalai Lama. The creators of this ideological movement were: Mati Itam and doctor eF.

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